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제목 Greetings for the year 2022
작성자 Joseph Kim
작성일자 2022-01-04


To our customers in all over the world
The New Year 2022 has come.

SPOL wishes you a very prosperous New Year!
May the upcoming year be filled with success and wealth, and may your business grow bigger and stronger with each and every day.

We have been going through hard times for the last two years due to Covid-19.
Although Covid-19 stroked the world, we were able to maintain our business thanks to your continuous business with us.
We really appreciate of your patronage you showed to us during the period and we hope to keep a strong bond for a long time with you.

As vaccine gets newly developed against Covid-19, we expect the end of Covid-19 to come soon then it will lead us the more prosperous results for both SPOL and you.
SPOL will not be only your supplier to manufacture your tapes, but also a partner to help you go through this hard time together.

Thank you!